What's the Difference between an American Chihuahua and a Techichi Dog?

The Chihuahua “AKC Standard”                 VS

The AKC breed standard for the American Chihuahua describes these “acceptable” traits within the show ring. This describes a standard chihuahua as under 6 pounds, having a large, domed-shaped skull, and a body slightly longer than the dog’s height. These AKC requirements only describe the conformation of the common Apple-Head Chihuahua.



No matter how pure the lines are, there is no guarantee a Chihuahua puppy will meet the AKC Standard. In many cases, a puppy will be born as a “Deer Chihuahua”, carrying down the physical traits of it’s ancient Techichi ancestors.

Many of us Deer Chihuahua, or “Techichi”, owners know our dogs as having long legs, an elongated muzzle, and a much larger size than a regular Apple Head Chihuahua.

Unfortunately, these larger Chihuahuas can no longer be classified as their own parent’s breed.

Deer Chihuahuas today still resemble the smooth-coated, long-legged, Ancient Mexican Techichi dog.

When a Chihuahua resembles a Techichi, what will happen to these dogs when they do not meet the AKC Standard?

Did you know that 30-60% of dogs in shelters are Chihuahuas? And only 50% of those dogs are adopted. 

Help us bring recognition to Techichi Dogs so one day these numbers can decrease.


This all started from a dog called Kingsley who was rescued from a back yard breeder in California. Both parents were Chihuahuas, but Kingsley’s new family quickly realized he is not your average Chihuahua.